LIFE - A story about Keith Richards by Angela Malfitano

Once again Paciu Maison bursts into stage.


The play is hosted by the Teatro delle Moline just in the city center of Bologna. On stage, part of Paciu Maison's scenography: a small table, a Jack Daniel's and a red sofa; that's the set for the humane biography of Keith Richards. 

According to Angela Malfitano, author and actress, Keith Richards' eyes have seen a black and white world suddenly becoming full of colours: a new world painted by himself. LIFE is the story of a man who has reinvented rock'n'roll, making it his favourite colour. His music makes us feeling forever young: "This work is dedicated to young people, indeed three of the members of my equipe are 19 years old. They are eternal source of energy".

We thank Piccolo Teatro del Baraccano

Pictures by  Mauro Maori Bastelli.

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