TRUTH - a short film in Paciu Maison


Paciu Maison is also cinema and we prove it searching for the truth with the movie director
Renato Giugliano


In the year 2567 after the advent of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the "Bitter War" reduced Capital City to a pile of rubble and a group of fearless scientists is now studying the events that led to such a catastrophe. Thanks to the findings, however, our heroes discover that history, as it has been handed down, is only a staging and that "someone" is trying to cover up the truth ...

What's Paciu Maison's role?

Paciu Maison was the perfect location for Truth

The sitting room flies through time and space and bursts into the future where weird people sit on red armchairs with cameras..

Further information about Paciu Maison as location


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